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Lice Advice
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Lice Advice - The Shepherd Method of Strand by Strand Nit Removal is the how to book that parents have long been waiting for...  Second only to the common cold among childhood illnesses, head lice have invaded households around the world. Quickly spreading through entire communities, this six-legged parasite has caused schools to shut down, parents to lose jobs, humiliated children and made grown men cry. References to head lice date back to the beginning of mankind with those afflicted each offering their own version of a homeopathic method for ridding this pesky insect. No one knows for certain where they came from or why they even exist. One thing is for certain, they are here to stay. Spread mainly through head-to-head contact, they favor the soft scalps and baby-fine hairs of our young children. More predominately found on girls than on boys, head lice camouflage themselves making complete lice and nit removal an overwhelming task. Parents frantic for some relief often resort to dangerous, even deadly, options in their desperate attempt to eliminate this unwelcome houseguest. Although the market is flooded with all types of lice treatment shampoos, combs and gadgetries, there has yet to be a product developed that is the cure-all solution. The US is no different than the rest of the world when it comes to fighting head lice. With over 12 million cases a year this 150 million dollar industry has yet to find a viable solution. While many products assist parents in the treatment process, researchers have yet to find a substitution for the painstaking process of nit picking. Lice Advice - The Shepherd Method of Strand by Strand Nit Removal shares tricks of the trade, ensuring parents greater success in the tedious task of removing lice and their nits. From proper identification to strand by strand nit removal, The Shepherd Method guides parents every step of the way towards a successful end to their families head lice infestation. Parents desperate for help admit to having purchased every product on the market, yet complain that there is no How-to-Manual available, leaving most parents blindly seeking advice wherever they can find it. Anxious for help, parents are often left scratching their own heads as they ask How can we have a problem this big with no real help available?

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