Fairy LiceMothers' MagicMint

Fairy LiceMothers' MagicMint
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Fairy LiceMothers' MagicMint spray is a first of its kind lice fighting tool, using a specialized mint formula to help ward off head lice and their "friends". MagicMint may be used as often as necessary to help anyone who is treating head lice. Whether or not you have ever had lice, MagicMint has been formulated with natural products that lice find offensive and actually repels them. Lightly mist MagicMint on hair, with special attention given to the nape of the neck and behind the ears. Spray may be used once per day or several times per day. MagicMint has been formulated to help keep lice away. To remove head lice, Fairy LiceMothers' MagicWand Comb and MagicMousse Lice Infestation Kit are highly recommended.

  • 4 oz.: Fairy LiceMothers' MagicMint
  • 8 oz.: Fairy LiceMothers' MagicMint
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